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In Hamilton, the trail becomes a bit more difficult to follow—resembling a sidewalk at times—but stick to US 93 and you'll be fine. Hamilton offers scores of shops and restaurants, many of which can be found on W.

USGS Current Conditions for USGS Bitterroot River at Bell Crossing nr Victor MT

The trail ends south of Hamilton at another highway bridge over the Bitterroot River. Here, the locally-famous Angler's Roost acts as an informal trailhead. Stop in to purchase food, drinks, maps, books, and hunting and fishing gear. RVers and campers may want to begin their trail trek here as the site offers a large RV Park and camping right along the Bitterroot River.

Parking for the Bitterroot Trail is available at several park and ride lots along US Refer to the TrailLink map for specific locations and directions. This is a wonderful, ride with many options for eating, exploring, camping, fishing and lodging along the way. The trail does parallel US Hwy 93 the entire length and is noisy but the views are gorgeous the entire length.

Bitterroot Trail

A short, fun option is to ride Missoula to Lolo with a stop at the Lolo Brewery for good food and beverage. Rode this bike path from 3rd Street in Missoula to its terminal end south of Hamilton, at the bridge over the Bitterroot River, out and back, with a couple of short side trips, total ride was Rode from Missoula to Florence and back. The adjacent highway is heavily traveled and quite noisy. In Missoula the trail puts you onto local streets and is not well marked. It's easy to get lost. Local drivers have been very courteous in giving the right of way, and the trip back to Missoula is easier riding than to Florence.

We started in Missoula and found that not all of the trail to Lolo is complete. It was a great ride all the way to Hamilton and back and plan on doing it again. One bad thing to report is that some of the bridge approaches have sunk below the bridge decks. About thirty miles from Missoula on the way back I destroyed my wheel because of the problem.

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I park at Anglers roost where the path starts at the south end of the Bitterroot valley just soith of Hamilton. Unload my bike and enjoy a nice smooth ride from Anglers roost headed north toward Hamilton. About 2 miles up the path "All asphalt" you can stop at Murdochs Farm supply and look around then continue on towards Hamilton When you get to Hamilton the path ends but you have sidewalks or you can veer off and work your way around town on nice treed back streets.

If you stay on the sidewalk on the south end of town you can stop in at Valley Bike and Ski and look around. Lots of shops and restaurants on main street. You can head north up main street "no path" to the Bitteroot river or keep going north on 93 and cross the Bitterroot again and go all the way to LoLo if you like! Its along 93 all the way bit there is plenty of beautiful scenery Specially on my recumbent!

My family and I were just out there and the trail is now complete from Lolo to Hamilton. Except for a 2 mile gap south of Victor, this trail is complete all the way from Lolo to Hamilton and will be 35 miles long when the gap is paved this summer Parking is available at a few Park and Ride lots or fishing access sites along US The trail switches to the opposite side of US 93 at the Highway traffic signal in Woodside. There are no signs indicating this change. The good views of the Bitterroot Mountains to the west and Sapphire Mountains to the east are the highlights of this trail.

US 93 traffic noise is the downside. This is the 2nd time I've been to this area and rode the trail. It seemed like a nicer ride this time. Just as much highway noise, but it is still a nice ride.

Brewery and Hot Spring visit - The Big Hole Valley - The Bitterroot Rambler

The paved trail ends about miles north of Victor, but paving is being done, and it will be complete to Victor in , and complete to Hamilton in Enjoy the ride, Ron. I rode this trail last weekend. It is a very nice setting, except it varies from 4ft to maybe 20ft away from US The bridges are grooved for winter driving, and every time a vehicle goes over them, the tires "zing". But the scenery is great, lots of fields with crops or cattle grazing.

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I parked at the Lolo Post Office, for lack any better place to park. On my way back, i stopped at the fire station and asked "where do folks who use the trail park", and I was toldjust next door at the Lolo Community Center. Lots of parking, it's run by the city so you don't have to worry about your wheels being towed.

As mentioned in the writeup, there are Park and Rides lots along US93, some with tunnels to get to the trail. According to locals, this is not a Rails to Trails trail. There was never a RR where this trail isnot that it matterskudos to whoever decided to put it here : I will ride this trail again when I'm in the area, Ron. At 39thSt. Follow Reserve St north 0. Turn northeast on Old 93 S.

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  7. Continue 0. Trail continues 1. Noel Keller 17 Apr The Mansion Heights Trail passes along the northern end of a neighborhood development of the same name toward the top of Missoula's South Hills. The Larmont Trail is a paved path that parallels Missoula's busy Reserve Street US 93 and provides a safe alternative to riding on the road. The South Avenue Trail is a paved path that parallels Missoula's busy South Avenue and provides a safe alternative to riding in the road. The path The Clements Road Trail is a paved path that parallels Missoula's busy Clements Road and provides a safe alternative to riding on the shoulder.

    The 7th Street Trail is an on-road, extra-wide shoulder specifically designed for pedestrians and cyclists. The path runs for 1. Missoula's Milwaukee Trail provides a valuable east-west commuting route through the city. I n the Corps' westward crossing of the Bitterroots, 16 September was one of the worst days of the expedition.

    Recrossing those mountains on the way back in June of was no less toilsome.

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    With home fires on their minds, the Corps left Weippe Prairie, roughly miles west of Travelers' Rest , on 15 June only to find snow "in every derection from 6 to 8 feet deep," obscuring the path and covering the forage for their sixty horses. Prudence required them to send two men back to hire Indian guides.

    On 24 June they set out again, led by three Nez Perce whom Clark called "most admirable pilots. Sometime before they reached the site of what came to be called Camp Chopunnish , back in mid-May, their tents had become useless from wear and tear, and they were compelled to build shelters of willow poles and grass, as many Indians did. But high on the ridges and peaks of the snowy Bitterroot Mountains they had neither the time nor the materials for that recourse.

    Among those then-nameless peaks, where the Corps measured progress one discomfort, mishap or crisis at a time, the captains and their men reached the highest point on their entire journey—7,' DED Digital Elevation Database above sea level. Barometers were still too fragile for such a journey, and there was no other way to measure altitude.