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Hui Shan could have been describing Peruvian llamas, or very large dogs.

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All these symbols have been used by Buddhists, and the fact that they suddenly appeared fully developed in Mexico in the fifth century makes it at least possible that they arrived with Hui Shan and his monks. Then, too, there are those strange circular rocks, with holes cut out of their centers, which divers recently found in the sea off the Palos Verdes Peninsula. Archaeologist William Clewlow says they may be or 1, years old and that they may well have been used by the ancient Chinese explorers as anchors.

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He had found a jade Buddha with archaic Chinese characters written on it. When he showed it to a visiting Chinese scholar in Mexico City, the scholar immediately burned incense and performed three prostrations. Then he said that the statue had to be returned to China, and he refused to tell him, or anyone, what the inscription meant.

Like Vining, I could go on. We do well not to close our accounts with the past too quickly.

Fusang Launches Asia’s First Security Token Exchange

The answer to the Fusang mystery may still be waiting—under a jungle-choked Mayan temple in Guatamala, perhaps, or maybe even in some musty old tome deep in the stacks of the Oriental Department of the New York Public Library. Maybe Dr. Paar, though long retired, is even now translating another obscure report on Fusang from the imperial archives. He was here all right, along with the dharma, long before any of us ever dreamed we should have any reason to claim him as our own.

Thank you for subscribing to Tricycle! As a nonprofit, we depend on readers like you to keep Buddhist teachings and practices widely available. Subscribe now for immediate access to the magazine plus films, video dharma talks, e-books, and more. Fusang Exchange will only offer trading to a network of fully licensed partners that will be able to use the market directly. The exchange is targeting both crypto-related companies planning a security token offering STO and traditional businesses seeking tokenization. Fusang claims it can achieve lower costs for some companies that have decided to bypass traditional exchanges.

But companies that want liquidity in their stock, along with owners of real assets such as real estate, can consider the benefits of listing on our exchange.

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The official launch of the market is planned for the second half of Rolling out security token exchanges in the USA , Europe , and Asia , is a relatively slow process, unlike the launch of pure cryptocurrency exchanges. With much heavier regulatory requirements, only a handful of tokens is being traded, and STO issues have been slow in picking up this year.

Fusang Exchange - Security Token Service Provider - STOwise

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