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Developing an online access strategy: Issues facing small to medium sized tourism and hospitality enterprises.

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Jarvis, D. Keeble, D. Enterprising behaviour and the urban-rural shift. Urban Studies — Lashley, C.

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Leong, C. Lim, W. Alternative models providing an insight into the adoption of internet technologies by hoteliers. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management 21 3. Lowe, P. Policy for small business support in rural areas: a critical assessment of the proposals for the small business service.

Polarities and Disordered Relationships?

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An Ethnographic Exploration. A Case Study from Colonial Australia.

Women in hospitality, travel and leisure

Chapter 7 Hospitality and Urban Regeneration. Hotels and Pork Bellies. Identity Space and Setting. Chapter 10 Inhospitable Hospitality? A Sociolinguistic Analysis. Aesthetic Labour and Hospitality.

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The contributing authors provide tangible evidence of continuing advancement and development of knowledge pertaining to the phenomenon of hospitality. They draw on the richness of the social sciences, taking host and guest relations as a means of studying in-group and out-group relations with and between societies. The chapter contributors represent a multi-disciplinary, international grouping of leading academics with expertise in hospitality management and education, human resource management, linguistics, modern languages, gastronomy, history, human geography, art, architecture, anthropology, and sociology.

Each lends their expertise to apply as a social lens through which to view, analyse, and explore hospitality within a range of contexts. Through this process novel ways of interpreting, knowing and sense-making emerge that are captured in the final chapter of the book, and have informed future research themes which are explored.

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