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Trust us - our mail order subscription service has been around so long for a good reason. Random Sale! Catalogs Marvel DC Boom! Box Middleton, WI help westfieldcomics. Box 36 Boom! Box 2 Boom! Studios Boom! Studios - Archaia 4 Boom! Studios - Boom! Box 9 Boom! Town 1 Boom! Studios - Kaboom 2 Boom! Studios - Kaboom! Press 3 Soap Studio Co. DC Comics. Doomsday Clock Legion of Super-Heroes 2. DC - Black Label. Batman Marvel Comics.

X-Men 3 DX. Be careful while flying around, since the tubes drop several mines, which will obviously kill your character if you touch them. At the end, i. Then, tap him once, and select the "Ride" option. Once Maxwell is there, and the Starite starts to go up, quickly go there and grab it. After the zombie enters the cell, stop pressing the button. Press the button on the floor and then use a piece of MEAT to attract the zombie to the lower floor. He will eat some MEAT, fall asleep, and then eventually continue to the left. When he enters the cell, leave the button and he'll be trapped.

Then, take him to the house, and back. Chef, Mr. Fashion and Mr. Jazz haunt certain objects. Find them! If done correctly, none of the enemies will be able to cross it, and you'll manage to save the giant. Then, tie one side of a VINE to the Starite, and the other to the upper part of the whale, which will probably make it move out of the square it was previously in. Put a SAFE in the now-vacant spot and blast all the other cubes of ice with, let's say, a GUN, just being careful not to be hit by any of the spiked balls, or caught in an explosion.

Drop two MINE weapon on that spot, and it will probably cause a chain reaction that will blow up most of the ice. If the explosions are not enough to make enough room for passage, repeat this strategy with the mines to get rid of one, or two, more blocks of ice. Then, run all the way down to the Starite, the ghosts will be too busy fighting to care about Maxwell.

Then, use some FIRE to burn the upper wood platform. Press one of the levers in the top floor, the green and the gray one in the middle floor, and, in the second-to-lowest floor, the gray. Repeat for the reddish floor. The maid will come, shoot her with a GUN. It's up to you! Kill the three moles by using a GUN. Help him! They're wanted dead or alive! Put the dog in one, the cat in the other, and take them to the proper owner.

However, be careful; the lady is pretty much blind, so you'll have to put the cat right in front of her. When it is about to fall, tie it to the lower metallic square with a ROPE. Choose to it, and grab the Starite as it falls down the box this may take a while to master And yes, you'd better do it in this same order. As for the fire, you just have to put some ICE in there. Quickly run to the left and grab the Starite. Other Modes Have you already completed this game's "Challenge" mode?

Well, no problem about that, you can simply head to the "Ollar Store" to buy some extra in-game meh, if you want my opinion, it's not really worth it or use the "Level Editor" to create, and play, your own levels. If this just isn't enough for you, you can also trade levels with your friends, either online or via local wi-fi. But where is this elusive option? You may take a while to find it yourself, so I'll tell you - when you initially pick one of your two available save slots, you'll see a small, sonar-like, symbol below them. Also, although the local trade function is pretty basic, to send someone a new level you need to have their Friend Code, and you must later click the "Receive" option in order to actually receive it.

If you want to send one, you must add your friend's Friend Code, and then select the "Send" option. Now, this is basically all this game has to offer, unless you want to spend countless hours playing around with the many words this game has to offer. Have fun! List of Merits This is a list of merits you've acquired while playing the many levels available in this game. If you're wondering how to check your own listing, it is really easy - in the main menu, simply press the bottom right option the one with the screwdriver and the dented wheel and then press the upper left option.

All New - complete a level with objects you've never used before. Architect - write 2 buildings. Audiophile - write 2 or more instruments or audio objects. Whisperer - ride a hostile animal. Botanist - write 2 or more plants. Chauffer - drive a vehicle with more then one passenger. Chef - write 2 or more foods. Closet - write 2 or more clothes. Combo - combine any two objects together. Shoveler - write 2 or more digging tool objects. Sea Two - write 2 or more sea vehicles. Knight School - slay a dragon with a melee weapon. Electrolysis - shock someone with electricity.

Elemental - write more than 1 element. Entomologist - write 2 or more insects. Environmentalist - write 2 or more enviornmental objects. Explosive - write 2 or more explosive devices. Exterminator - two or more humanoids or animals start a level, and are destroyed. Fantasynovel - write 2 fantasy objects. Firefighter - put out at least 2 fires. Genius - complete a level twice in a row. Glutton - feed someone or something 3 times in a row. Gold Digger - write 3 or more precious stones. Grab And Go - write 2 or more grabbing tool objects.

Healer - write 2 or more medical objects. Herpetologist - write 2 or more reptiles. Infected - write a zombie, and have it infect 2 humanoids. Decorator - write 2 furniture objects. Janitor - write 2 or more cleaning tool objects. Joust - defeat a Knight while Maxwell is mounted.

Luddite - short out 3 or more objects. Dulces Montes--Tower Candy Co. Dream--Sorbee Intl. Double Crisp--R. Delecto Chocolates--Ganong Bros. Energy Club--Energy Club Inc. Extinguisher--American Licorice Co. Fruitfull--Ganong Bros. Fruitfull au chocolat--Ganong Bros. Fornella--Bauducco Foods Inc. Forrelli--Allied International Corp. Fizzy Fruits--Regent Confections Inc. Fantastic Fruit--Fiesta Candy Co.

Molly Moccasins -- Best Friends

Favarger Fondue--Eurochoc Americas Corp. Frooties--Tootsie Roll Industries Inc. Frutaste--Productos Lipo S.

Gabi--Papco Foods Inc. Ganong Chicken Bones--Ganong Bros. Ganong Chocolates--Ganong Bros. Ganong Jellybeans--Ganong Bros. Ganong Sugar Confections-Ganong Bros. Flipsticks--Lukas Confections Inc. Ferrero Collection--Ferrero U. Ferrero Rocher--Ferrero U. Gummiland R--Papco Foods Inc. Gold-Bears--Haribo of America Inc. Ghirardelli--Ghirardelli Chocolate Co.

Halvah--Joyva Corp. Happy Haunters--My Favorite Co. Godiva Chocolatier--Godiva Chocolatier Inc. Grandma--Original Foods Inc. Granny Goose--Snack Alliance Inc. Godiva Chocolatier , Inc. Happy-Cola--Haribo of America Inc. Haribo--Haribo of America Inc. Kencraft--Dynamic Confections Jr. Caramels--Tootsie Roll Industries Inc. Jolly Rancher--The Hershey Co. Mints--Tootsie Roll Industries Inc. Kissables--The Hershey Co. Kit Kat--The Hershey Co. King--Dorval Trading Co.

Ice--Productos Lipo S. Juicy Fruit--Wm. Hubba Bubba--Wm. Company Kerr Bros. Katharine Beecher--The Warrell Corp. Lolly Lites--Simon Candy Co. Longhorns--Lammes Candies Since Inc. Malt Shop--Sweet Candy Co. Lemonhead--Ferrara Pan Candy Co. Love Monsters--My Favorite Co. Licklers--The Yost Candy Co. Magic Rocks--Fiesta Candy Co.

Mauna Loa--The Hershey Co. Mayfair--Mayfair Sales Inc. USA Inc. Naturepops--Simon Candy Co.

Scribblenauts - Walkthrough

Oak Leaf--SweetWorks Inc. Mounds--The Hershey Co. Milky Moments--Regent Confections Inc. Old School--Sweet Candy Co. Pastry Essentials--Astor Chocolate Corp. PayDay--The Hershey Co. Pops Galore--Charms Co. Pennylaine--The Madelaine Chocolate Co. Pop Rocks--Pop Rocks Inc. Rebanaditas--Tower Candy Co. Reception Stick--Bogdon Candy Co. Sconza--Sconza Candy Co. Red Vines--American Licorice Co. ReeseSticks--The Hershey Co. Rolo--The Hershey Co. Regent--Regent Confections Inc.

Regent Creamers--Regent Confections Inc. Royal pudding and gelatin--The Jel Sert Co. Rendez Vous--Dorval Trading Co. Rocky Road--Annabelle Candy Co. Raffaello--Ferrero U. Rustic Flatbreads--Dare Foods Ltd. Razzles--Concord Confections Inc. Really Nuts!

Scripture Candy--Scripture Candy Inc. Scripture Gum--Scripture Candy Inc. Scripture Mints--Scripture Candy Inc. Select Sweets--Mayfair Sales Inc. Sesame Crunch--Joyva Corp. Sour Punch--American Licorice Co. Sqwigglies--Taste of Nature Inc. Snacksters--The Hershey Co. State Fair--Sweet Candy Co.

Discover the magic!

Stewart--Stewart Candy Co. Snaps--American Licorice Co. Skor--The Hershey Co. Soda Pop Top.. Skipjacks--Wolfgang Candy Co. Sugar Daddy Pops--Charms Co. Splendid Chocolates--Splendid Chocolates Ltd.

Candy Industry December 2011

Sport Lipo--Productos Lipo S. SmartZone--The Hershey Co. Tiffany Bagged Candy--Ganong Bros. Tiny Tarts--Taste of Nature Inc. Super Blow Pops--Charms Co. Tape Worm--Kandy Kastle Inc. Superacidos--Productos Lipo S. Taylors--Taylors Candy Inc. Take The Hershey Co. Super Ropes--American Licorice Co. Super Sports--R. Sweet Confections--Claudia B. Tropical Treasures--Simon Candy Co. Virtually--Papco Foods Inc. Visconti--Bauducco Foods Inc. Hershey Co. Yuletide Taffy--Sweet Candy Co. Wildfruit Fruit Snacks--Ganong Bros.

Zachary--Zachary Confections Inc. Vaconut R--Papco Foods Inc. Vero--Tower Candy Co. Yak Pack--My Favorite Co. York Peppermint Pattie--The www. Acme Import Co. Hoover St. Lincoln Hwy. Alegro - Sabritas S. Amber Lyn Chocolates Inc. Clearwater Dr. Anthony-Thomas Candy Co.

Aran Candy Ltd. Boston America Corp.

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Boyer Candy Co. Bozeman, MT www. Assemblers Inc. Best Regards Astor Chocolate Corp. Bestsweet Inc. Frank Ave. Big Sky Brands Inc. Birnn Chocolates Biscomerica Corp. Parsippany, NJ Fax: www. Blackpool Brighton Candy Corp.

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  • Candy Crate Inc. Candy Dynamics The Bachman Co. Michigan Rd. Corazonas Foods C. Twist Crown Candy Corp. De La Rosa S. Chocolate By Design Inc. Claudia B. A Solon, OH Fax: www. Dracco USA Inc. Fannie May Confections Brands Inc. Darrell Lea Ltd. Chicago Importing Co. Charms Co. Dynamic Confections Elmer Candy Corp. Embare Industrias Alimenticias, S. Energy Club Inc. Vulcan Ave. Ferrara Pan Candy Co. Somerset, NJ Fax: www. Extreme Creations Inc.

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    Snack Alliance Inc. The Snack Factory P. Snak King Connect with Sorbee Intl. LLC Global Rd. Get great article headlines, communicate with our staff and share your opinion with us. Splendid Chocolates Ltd. Tabor Rd. Storck USA L. La Salle Dr. Sunrise Confections Northwestern Dr. Superior Nut Company Inc.

    Sweet Maple Candies Inc. Switzer Candy Co. Taffy Town Inc. Taste of Nature Inc. Taylors Candy Inc. Cicero Ave. New York, NY Fax: www. Highland Park, IL Fax: www. Vojo Energy Vroom Foods Inc. Company Walkers Shortbread Inc. State Rd. Can Roses. Lawndale Ave. With more than years of experience in the global cocoa industry, no one can respond better than the experts at Archer Daniels Midland Co. ADM Cocoa is the premier supplier and processor of cocoa and chocolate ingredients to bakery, confectionery, dairy, cereal, snack and beverage companies worldwide.

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    ADM Cocoa offers its customers a wide selection of cocoa, chocolate and compound coatings for use in multiple applications. In addition to traditional products, a team of cocoa specialists is continually creating new and innovative products. The result is a line of products that helps customers differentiate their products with unique cocoa and chocolate solutions. Standard, off-the-shelf cocoa products from ADM are supplemented with custom formulations developed in collaboration with key customers.

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    Here Hansel Processing tests new processes, equipment and solutions, often working together with our customers as partners. For more information, visit www. For more information, visit adm. Source: Dec BPA publishers statement. Big Beaver Rd. Printed in the U. All rights reserved. The contents of this publication may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the consent of the publisher. The publisher is not responsible for product claims and representations. Box , Skokie, IL Canada Post: Publications Mail Agreement GST account: Send returns Canada to Pitney Bowes, P.

    Established in its present location in Included is a sq factory, all equipment, recipes, large home and 7 acres. Heavily built power unit for small and medium size shops. Bridger Metal, LLC www. Glendale Avenue Glendale, AZ www. After visiting the master chocolatiers of France, and having received private training in chocolatetechnology from Terry Richardson, patent holder for Godiva chocolates, she opened a small chocolate boutique and factory — Chocolat Celeste — in St. Paul, Minn. Believe it or not, my childhood hero was Julia Child. Indeed, I have found my passion — creating chocolate treats!

    Name one of your favorite movies. I am a movie buff. Describe your perfect dream vacation. Ten years ago, I traveled to one of my favorite vacation spots — France. Now, I enjoy more leisurely vacation spots where I can relax and enjoy the perfect climate and cool ocean breezes. What book are you currently reading? Aside from a family member, whom would you most want to be stranded with on a deserted island?

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