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DinarCoin DNC is a new crypto asset digital currency built and recorded on the public Ethereum blockchain. The uniqueness of DNC which is the value itself that is pegged with the real-time of gold value. Each DinarCoin is the digital equivalent of 4.

Distributed based on the contribution of stakeholder. Cannot be altered or removed from the network. Can be convert to gold smart contracts GSC. Users can use this platform in order to trade DNC into other crypto or real physical gold.

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DNC wallet is created as one of the first platform that have their own crypto assets that pegged by real-time gold value. Official developer to develop our main DNC web platform that include interface, design, function and handling the server. Barak Obama said, in a recent interview, "I do think it's important to keep perspective. Russia doesn't make anything. The new Cold War is as much financial as political, but can degenerate easily into a military war.

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The currency and gold wars have already escalated, through sanctions against Russia, into a trade war. It cannot be confiscated under any form or shape if, and this is a big if, it is stored at home.

For this reason, more and more countries are repatriating their gold reserves. The gold market is and has always been a very opaque market. Every indication shows that gold will be at the center of this new system. Until this reset happens, and I hope not after a real World War, gold will outperform all other currencies. Reproduction, in whole or in part, is authorized as long as it includes a link back to the original source.

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Popescu is an independent investment analyst and studies the gold and silver market and their future role in the international monetary system. He has followed regularly since the gold, silver and foreign exchange markets.

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He has a bachelor degree in physics from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada and has completed the Canadian investment management certificate of the CSI. My articles. Secure storage outside the banking system Learn more.

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Egon Von Greyerz. Philippe Herlin. Nick Laird. Dan Popescu. Fabrice Drouin Ristori.

Cyrille Jubert. Gary Savage. Nicolas Perrin. Helder Mello Guimaraes. Stefano Bottaioli. See our selection of gold and silver bullion Shop Now. Dan Popescu Oct 25, Dan Popescu Oct 5, Egon Von Greyerz Sep 30, Egon Von Greyerz Sep 28, More articles.