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He is currently working on the release of his first author who happens to be his daughter, Harmony Miller and her debut young adult fiction story titled, Lil Mz.

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After the smoke clears, Junior and KB are stretched out in the barbershop suffering from their gunshot wounds. They're rushed to the hospital where Muffin finds out Junior's wounds are more severe than KB's. Knowing it will be a while before Junior will be released she feels she has to step up to handle his business while he recovers which includes taking care of his deadly beef with KB.

She starts by brutally beating Gloria in the hospital then starts her new role as "Boss. Muffin finds out Junior has reached out to Shondra while she's in NY handling his business and changes from handling his business to guaranteeing she'll be ok financially.

She uses his cousin Bo, his cousin Craig, recruits Pat and one of his enemies in NY to help her reach her financial goal.

Junior is released from the hospital to find out his whole operation was taken over by Muffin. Her betrayal comes as a shock to him and he then turns to the one person he knows he can trust, Shondra. He goes back to NY in hopes of reclaiming something familiar but that will prove to be a challenge with Chico in the picture.

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Junior plots Muffin's fall along with all who betrayed him. Filled with unbelievable betrayals, supreme disloyalty between friends, family and partners, this story unravels secrets that will shock you and reveal pain and suffering from each character that will have your emotions in turmoil.

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Blood makes you related but loyalty makes you family. Published: April 18, In this first episode you will be introduced to the diverse cast of characters. Santiago is in the process of cleaning up the disloyalty in his organization with the help of his protege Negro. Charisma and Moe hook up and she falls for him and hopes things between them go a step further. Red Sunday by Brooklyn June L. Words: 33, Published: June 22, Ceasar and Beverly are brought together through unlikely circumstances but that doesn't stop them from falling in love.

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Ceasar and Beverly find themselves the recipients of some very valuable counterfeit plates which Ceasar tries to sell but when he is kidnapped in exchange for the plates, Beverly has to get him. Linking up with an ex is her only choice but will her feelings get in the way or not? Words: 55, Vic and Charmaine have a very volatile relationship. The story opens with Char packing up and leaving the condo she shared with Vic, she is tired of the direction the relationship is going. Then you have Vic who comes home to an empty house with a dear john letter written on the mirror in lipstick.

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This wild relationship is told by both and in the end you will choose sides, but which one? Miller Series: The Council , Book 2.

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Words: 51, The shocking conclusion leads you to hardest decision one of the sisters have to make, blood or love? While Whitney and Wanda race to save their love blinded sister from Haakim a sudden twist reveals a secret no one is prepared for. Gear up for a heart throbbing climax that will have you cringing and wondering will there be a death sentence for all involved.

Words: 86, The explosive finale reveals the answers to many unanswered questions. Muffin's love for Junior prompts her to take over his thriving illegal business while he recovers from his gunshot wounds but in the process she finds out he has been in contact with his ex. She doesn't take it well and starts making plans for a takeover but Junior soon finds out and the race is on to catch her before she does!

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Miller Series: The Council , Book 1. Price: Free!

Words: 29, Published: March 14, Three women who are willing to do anything to help the man they love clear his name and be freed from prison. While engage in different jobs to get the money needed to obtain council for their loved one in prison, one of the women is faced with a serious problem.

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One of the jobs involves someone she is intimate with and she has to make a choice between loyalty and love Frankie Blanco by Brooklyn June L. Published: March 13, A war is brewing when Frankie Blanco is set up to be robbed. His search leads him to his close ties with the mafia and while he investigates he finds out one of his most trusted men is ready to turn on him and go out on his own.

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Nico feels he's ready to be a boss and move from under Blanco's shadow and he recruits the most unlikely person to help him, Blanco's daughter but things don't go his way. Words: 85, Published: March 21, Jason Buchanan seems like an average young man but has been tormented by bullies throughout his youth because of his timid persona. When he falls in love with Magic he believes life will be different but his overprotective mother disapproves of their union even before she finds out a dark secret about her. Will Jason's mother reveal the secret or will Jason continue to be victimized by everyone?